Monday, December 19, 2011

Nadarkhani Could Face Up To A Year More In Prison

A few days ago, there was mention that Ayatollah Larijani, the head of the Iranian Judiciary, "directed the state court to delay issuing its decision for four months."

According to the American Center for Law and Justice,
 ...if the Supreme Leader, who is charged with providing the official interpretation of Shariah law, decides that Pastor Youcef is not an apostate, that decision could be used as persuasive evidence in future apostasy cases. This outcome may be exactly what the regime fears and is trying to avoid. 

Now, Dutch sources are saying the following:

Nadarkhani gets one year in order to 'convert'
The court in Iran has an appalling decision in the case of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, the decision is postponed by one year. Youcef remains imprisoned at least another year. The aim is to him in that period - in any way - to force themselves to 'convert' to Islam. What will happen after that year, is still unclear. Iran probably hopes that over time the international attention to the case disappears. Youcef was in 2010 sentenced to death for apostasy from Islam. The Supreme Court ruled then that the case should be reexamined. 
That happened last September
This means that Pastor Youcef will be in prison during the Christmas season... Please continue to pray for his swift release, and for strength for both him and his family during this time.


  1. Pastor Nadarkhani needs our help. Iran hopes Christians will forget him, but we plan to keep reminding everyone and demanding his immediate release. Help us and spread the word:

  2. Hi Em,

    Thank you for supporting Pastor Nadarkhani! I have visited your site several times, and I am very excited to see more and more people, organizations, etc. stepping up to help this pastor and his family. I plan to write about your site in the near future.

    Thanks and God bless,


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