Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Muslim Sheds Light On the Blasphemy Law

The Times of India just put out an article titled "Blasphemy and the Islamic Way" in light of the recent hype in Pakistan over the blasphemy law. The article reads in part:

To use abusive language against the Prophet or to praise him are both a matter of one's own choice. Whatever the choice, it is in God's domain to pass judgment on it. Muslims have nothing to do in this situation except try to remove the misunderstanding and then leave the rest to God.

If there is such a case - which could be called blasphemy - and in anger one tries to punish the offender, one is simply reacting negatively to the situation. And acting in this way is looked upon with extreme disfavour in Islam. Islam always tries to go to the root cause of any given problem.....

Islam suggests capital punishment for only one offence, and that is murder. Except in the case of murder, there is no such severe legal punishment in Islam.
You will recall that Muslims in Pakistan are pushing for the death sentence of Asia Bibi over her supposed blasphemy of the Prophet Muhammad; yet this article states that this is not the way that Muslims should respond according to Islamic teaching. (And it should be noted the author of the article is himself a Muslim.) Please see the full article as it sheds some interesting light on the subject.

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