Thursday, January 6, 2011

Assassin Is Praised By Muslim Clerics for Murdering 'blasphemous' Governor

[Source: Persecution Blog] Muslim Clerics Praise Assailant for Murdering 'blasphemous' Governor
Yesterday we shared with you about the assassination of Salmann Taseer, the governor in the Punjab area of Pakistan, because he stood up for Asia Bibi.  Today, we are sad to report that Muslim clerics are praising the man who murdered Taseer in cold blood.

Mission Network News is reporting the following:
Pakistan (MNN) ― Following the assassination of Salmaan Taseer, over 500 Muslim clerics and scholars boycotted the Punjab Governor's funeral. Extremists have praised Taseer's assailant and condemned anyone from mourning the loss of the Governor.

Taseer's funeral prayer was reportedly delayed almost an hour as multiple clerics refused to lead it. Clerics have urged Muslims to rejoice over Taseer's death, and to pray that Mumtaz Qadri, Taseer's body guard and murderer, would ascend to heaven.

"They're going to boycott the funeral to show that this was the right thing to do; [that] this was justified because of his desire to have a more moderate stance on blasphemy laws," explains Tom Doyle with E3 Partners.

Justification of the murder is widespread in extremist circles. The Wall Street Journal quoted leading Pakistani cleric Raghib Hussain Naeemi as saying, "Everybody is in favor of Mumtaz Qadri. Everybody is thinking that Salmaan Taseer was on the wrong side. He's standing with the person who committed blasphemy."

You can read the full MNN story HERE. You can also read a related article here: Suspected Killer of Pakistani Governor Spoke Openly of Plans

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