Friday, May 18, 2012

Eritrea's Suffering Christians

Today, I am taking a moment to focus on the persecution that occurs in a country that not too many people have heard of called Eritrea.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide states these facts about this little-known country:
Rarely featuring in news headlines, Eritrea’s suffering people are often forgotten.
The military government controls every aspect of society and commits daily human rights abuses against its people.
20,000 people imprisoned in the country’s maze of prisons, including 2,000-3,000 Christians who are imprisoned without trial or charge.
Christians are seen as a threat and unpatriotic because their highest allegiance is to God.
And the government denies that persecution exists. 

To get an idea of the persecution that goes on in Eritrea, watch this story from a former pastor in Eritrea who speaks of the suffering he endured before escaping by a miracle.

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