Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Iranian Government Spreads Lies About Pastor Youcef

The ACLJ is reporting that the Iranian government is spreading lies about Pastor Youcef: 
The Iranian government has taken note of these efforts and has reacted by spreading lies about Pastor Youcef in an attempt to sway international attention from this horrific human rights abuse.
You can read the full story here

Meanwhile, Pastor Youcef's lawyer has stated that he believes that the Iranian court will most likely revoke Pastor Youcef's death sentence, stating, ""I am optimistic that the Supreme Court in (the holy Shi'ite city of) Qom will drop the case altogether. I am 95 percent sure about it..." He says that he has "seen his client several times in prison in Rasht last week. 'Physically he looks weak but emotionally his belief in Christ is keeping his spirits high,' the lawyer said."  Click here for the full story.

Please continue to keep Pastor Youcef in your prayers, and if you haven't done so already, please sign the petition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on his behalf. 

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