Thursday, August 25, 2011

Underground Reality: Columbia

Last night, I finally watched "Underground Reality: Columbia," a production of The Voice of the Martyrs, for the first time... it was touching to see people with so much hope amidst so much tragedy. God is at work even in restricted nations. I just wanted to share the trailer with you and a few snippet from the show to give you an idea of what life is like in Columbia... 

And here is a little teaser (mostly the opening scene)...

And lastly, in this short clip, the team of Christians visit a prison in Columbia and talk to a man who had performed a massacre and the man who lived amidst it -- a moving story of forgiveness:

I will have a review of Underground Columbia up soon. But never forget that God is at work even amidst the most horrific circumstances! There are missionaries in Columbia broadcasting Christian radio with music and the gospel message to guerrilla leaders, and there are indigenous missionaries spreading the Gospel to their fellow man! So never stop praying for your persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe.


  1. I love this documentary!! Like you said, I love the way they show hope amidst the tragedy, and especially how those persecuted are able to forgive those who have done such horrible things to them. I really admire Brad and Katherine too... hopefully VOM will put out a new one of these soon! :D

  2. Wow, this looks SOOO cool! I remember Alex's story, and have read Russel Stendal's first book; the history of what's been going on down there just makes you cover your mouth and shake your head. And I liked Brad in the first Underground Reality, cool that he's back!

  3. @Jay - I agree; I hope VOM continues to make these documentaries... they are so relevant to helping Christians know what their brothers and sisters across the globe are going through.

    @Alice - I heard the mention of Russel Stendal in the video, but it took me a little while to figure out that the missionary they kept showing was actually him -- that was pretty cool! And it was very interesting to see what he's doing to reach people for the Lord in Colombia. Also, the girl named Lisa who went on the trip (see trailer) is actually his daughter! That and the addition of Brad's wife Katherine added an interesting dimension to the documentary.

    The Underground Reality series is definitely one that I recommend! :) Review coming soon!


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